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Kefalonia’s climate is excellent for growing grapes for wine and the island has a long tradition of wine-making dating back to the days of Homer. Too much hot sun can produce blowsy fruit but here sea breezes and the mountains provide cool sites where grapes can develop more slowly.

Of the many grape varieties grown, only one is unique to the island.  The Robola of Kefalonia grows nowhere else and its crisp white wine carries the Greek Appellation of Origin and a strap of tape across the cork.  The Robola vineyards are over 1000 feet above sea level and visitors, when they drive across to Sami, will see the vines planted high above the villages.  Each bottle of Robola is stitched into a hessian sack, reputedly as protection in the rough days of animal transport.

There are five commercial wine makers on the island. Their wines are clean and stable and their bottle presentation is varied and attractive.  In addition, every village has a wine press producing ‘loose wine’ for the farmers and tavernas.  

The Five Commercial Wineries

Robola Wine Producers Co-operative

Robola White
Melambus White
San Gerassimo White

Linos Red
Brillianté White and Rosé

The winery is in the Omala Valley right next door to the large church of St Gerasimos.  Local growers bring in their Robola grapes which are used to make the wine and they all receive a share of the profits.   The winery also accepts Tsaoussi grapes, which are made into wine separately and marketed under the Melambus label.  This enormous winery has modern equipment and plenty of room for expansion.

The winery is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 3pm and visitors are free to walk around the winery and see whatever production is in operation at the time. There will be samples of some of the wines on offer.

Gentilini (Kosmetatos)

Gentilini Robola
Gentilini Classiko
Gentilini Fumé

Gentilini Alto  
Gentilini Syrah

Close to the airport, the Gentilini is a locally run small boutique winery of some worldwide reknown and has won a number of awards.  Nikolas Kosmetatos spent much of his life in Britain and has been influenced by British winemakers.  His vines are the only vines on Kefalonia which grow in a high trellis, which allows the leaves to protect the bunches of grapes from direct sunlight.  He has planted the best of the local varieties and has imported three classic varieties from France: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.

The wines have delicacy, fine aroma and good length. Although they are comparatively expensive, the enthusiast should endeavour to try at least one bottle.

Tours of the winery, including tastings, are held in the early evening from June to September on selected days of the week; at other times they are by appointment.

Yiannicostas Metaxas

Robola Metaxas White
Elios White
Prokris White

Zefros Breeze Rosé
Arethusa Spring Red

Giacomo Metaxas, founder of the Metaxa-Jocovato branch of the Metaxas family, settled in this area in the early 1700s.  The estate, named Yakoumakata after him, lies 500 feet above sea level, near the village of Mavrata.  Yiannicostas Metaxas and his English wife Martine continue the tradition today, adding their own personal flair to the long-standing tradition of man, vine and wine on their island.  Their modern boutique winery produces exquisite wines that reflect the new generation of performance wines coming from Greece today.

This winery may be visited any day of the week between 10.30am and 6pm. Tastings are available but, unfortunately, these don’t include the limited edition wine.


Robola White            
Vino di Sasso White      
Efrano White

Metageitnion White            
Orgion Red       
Idis Sweet White

The winery is in the Kehriouas area near Lixouri and in summer can be visited any day of the week between 7pm and 9pm.


Robola White   
Polismigo White       
Erithros Red

This winery is also near Lixouri.


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