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The population of the island is approximately 40,000 of which around 10% are British, some who are married to Kefalonians, some who retired here after holidaying on the island for many years and some who simply came out to work and loved it so much they decided to stay.  In general they have been welcomed to the island and have added to the community and prosperity by building homes here, starting businesses and becoming involved in charitable events.


During the early 1990’s there was an influx of Albanians to the islands due to the uprising in Albania following the collapse of the communist regime.  Their numbers have significantly dropped in recent years due in part to the austerity measures in Greece but also to the new stability in their home country, with many leaving and returning home.

Over the years there have been a number of notable persons directly connected to Kefalonia.....

In Greek Mythology, there were many of note originating from the island, the more famous being King Kefalos, who Kefalonia is said to be named after and Odysseus, the King of Ithaka.

In 59BC Gaius Antonius Hybrida, the uncle of the famous Roman Mark Antony was exiled to Kephalonia.

The poet Lord Byron lived in the village of Metaxata for a number of months in 1823.  During his stay he regularly walked to the nearby village of Lakithra where he sat on a rock overlooking the sea and wrote.

General Ioannis Metaxas (April 12, 1871 – January 29, 1941), Prime Minister of Greece between April and August 1936, and Dictator from 1936 until his death in 1941. He is famous for saying OXI (No) to Mussilini who on October 28th 1940 issued Greece an ultimatum: Greece was to offer no resistance to his so-called 8 million bayonets, and she was to become a protectorate of Italy.  October 28th is now a bank holiday in Greece and is known as Oxi Day.

Louis De Bernieres wrote the historical novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin which was first published in 1994.  The book was based in Kefalonia during the occupation of World War II and featured the love triangle between a local girl, her fiancé, a member of the resistance and an Italian Captain.  In 2000 the book was adapted into a movie and shot in Kefalonia during August.  The main characters were Nicolas Cage, as the Italian Captain Corelli, John Hurt, as Dr. Iannis, Penélope Cruz, as his daughter, Pelagia and Christian Bale, as her fiancé and leader of the local resistance.  The film was released in 2001 and as a thank you to the island the very first screening was in the Kefalos Theatre in Argostoli.

John Capes was a passenger on the British submarine HMS Perseus, on route to Alexandria to meet his ship, when it hit an Italian mine just off the coast of Kefalonia on 6th December 1941.  He was one of only 4 survivors to escape the submarine, but the only one who survived the swim ashore.  He was hidden by villagers for 18 months before being smuggled to Turkey on a Caique.  Although he was awarded the British Empire Medal his story was considered by the authorities to be too amazing to be true, however in December 1997 a Greek diver found the wreck of the submarine and all of the details of John Capes’s extraordinary escape were finally confirmed.  Unfortunately John died in 1985.


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