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Kefalonia is the biggest of the seven Ionian Islands.  This group of islands are located on the West side of Greece in the Ionian Sea.  Kefalonia is directly north of Zakynthos and south of Lefkada.

The island is also known as Kephalonia, Cephalonia, Cefalonia and the airport is Kefallinia.   These different spellings are due to the island being ruled and influenced by a number of different nationalities over the years.

The island is dominated by the majestic Mount Ainos, which at 1628 metres is one of the highest in Greece.  This actually has resulted in a significantly lower population than on other islands of a similar size, simply due to the difficulty in building.  

Although a relatively green island the only really fertile areas are in the very south and in the centre of the island in a natural valley.  Here there are many underground springs and there is no water shortage unlike the north where water is brought over from the Greek mainland.  Olives are an obvious crop as Olive Groves are everywhere and the trees are very easy to keep and will give a good harvest every year with relatively little effort.  Wine is also very popular with a number of small wineries all over the island, the most fertile area being in the Omala Valley where the hills are covered in vines.

The road network on the island is extensive and relatively easy to navigate, making driving a fairly pleasant experience, there is even a road which takes you all the way to the top of Mount Ainos.  The majority of signs are in Greek and English and road maps are readily available, although not entirely accurate, in all tourist areas and from car hire rental offices.


Recommended Accommodation

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